Studio Policy

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Tuition is due on the 1st of every month for the entire month. ACH payment, Cash, check (pay to the order of: Salit Conservatory of Music), Zelle (, and all major credit cards are accepted. 


Performing experience is a crucial part of growing as a musician – students are highly encouraged to perform. Performers are to be respectful of one another by quietly listening to the entire program, and arriving at least 10 minutes before the concert begins. 

Concert Attire

Gentlemen – slacks or nice pants, dress shirt, dress shoes(no jeans or sneakers)

Ladies – long skirt or dress(below knee length), and dress shoes. 


Please wash hands with soap before playing the instruments. No food, No drinks are allowed in the studios. No running or screaming in the school. 


Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson and the teacher/office must be notified in order to qualify for the make-up session(upon request). Make-up sessions in a form of private or group session will be made within 14 days from the absent day at the mutually agreed time. Any unclaimed make-up sessions will expire after 14 days, and will not roll-over.

Competitions & CM

Although there is no guarantee of winning competitions, we recommend them as performing experiences and for growth. Please contact the teacher/office if you’re interested.


Photographs, audio, or videos featuring students or families within Salit Conservatory facilities and/or events may be utilized in promotional publications, on the website, or in press releases. No compensation will be provided for the release of such media.


It is very important for students to practice daily. Consistent practice is crucial to growing and learning.  


We greatly appreciate your referral!  If you refer a friend to the Conservatory and they register for lessons, we will send you a “Thank You” gift.

Student Terms and Conditions

Salit shall be held harmless for any injuries that may occur on said premises. Salit is not responsible for any personal property that may be left unattended or stored on the premises. 

1. No food or drinks shall be brought into the studio space or recital hall. Bottled water is permitted, however no water containers shall be placed on pianos, music stands, display stands or any other equipment. 

2. Do not touch or play on another student’s instrument without obtaining explicit permission. 

3. Do not touch any art works. Please refrain from touching any artworks within the conservatory, including paintings, sculptures, framed photos, certificates, trophies, and any other items of artistic value. Any damages incurred will result in a bill for the replacement of the affected item, or you will be billed for the estimated cost of its replacement.

4. Students are not permitted to explore or wander into other spaces while waiting for lessons to begin nor when lessons are completed. 
5. Children and minors are to be supervised at all times. Parents/Guardians who bring minor siblings or other children to wait through lessons shall assure that children are properly supervised, remain in the designated area, and observe these terms and conditions at all times. 

6. Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month. ACH payment, Cash, check (pay to the order of: Salit Conservatory of Music), Zelle( is accepted. 

7. Upon leaving Salit Conservatory, all trash shall be put into the proper receptacle and check that no personal belongings have been left on the premises. Salit is not responsible for any personal belongings left on the premises. 

8. Students are generally expected to practice a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

9. Students will get a warning and it’ll be notified to parents if there is behavior or verbal issues. The enrollment will be terminated immediately after the 2nd warning.